EP - Now You Know

Photo Credit: Enrique Esparilla

Photo Credit: Enrique Esparilla

After releasing her first EP, Feed the Soul, Jessica Gabrielle was inspired to keep creating her own music. Influenced by pop, jazz, soul and funk, she eventually wrote her second EP "NOW YOU KNOW" which includes four new titles. Each about a different aspect of love.  AVAILABLE ON ITUNES AND SPOTIFY.


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Ongoing Projects

Photo Credit: Valentine Tchoukhonine

Photo Credit: Valentine Tchoukhonine

From playing big stages with a full band to playing small intimate venues as a duo, Jessica is involved in several projects internationally between Colorado and Paris. As the lead singer of her Colorado based band the JWALKERS, she continues to play for reunion shows when she heads west to the mountains. Back in Paris, She built her own band that will become her main focus for the year 2014 and 2015. In addition to the bands, she is involved in Musical Theatre- Watch out for her next show coming to Denver in August 2014. There's Nothing _____ than LOVE. 


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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

 Always in mind, her travel experiences are what brings inspiration and excitement to Jessica's Music. After spending time in Arica, Asia and the Middle East, She continues to create music using her love of travel, love stories and people she meets along the way. While she continues to develop her music, Jessica keeps in the back of her mind the possibility of one day sharing her love for music and help build art schools.


EUROPEAN PREMIERE of Nikos Tsakalakos' new work in Paris.

Moon in Times Square
music by Angelique Mouyis, lyrics by Nikos Tsakalakos

Jessica Gabrielle, vocals
John Florencio, piano

Performed for the first time in Europe in Broadway au Carré's "American Composers, European Premieres" set on June 4th, 2014 at Le Carré Parisien (Paris, France).